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At Ameritex, pretty much since day one, we’ve helped active-duty military relocate. We have lots of experience helping military personnel purchase homes despite such hurdles as being out of the country, having very little free time to search for houses or being completely new to the San Antonio area. We likewise have extensive experience helping military and veterans know their financial options, such as VA loans and TX-Vet.

In 1944, the federal government passed the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act, which, among other things, created the VA loan. It’s a program for veterans and active-duty military personnel to have their home loans guaranteed. (To be clear, it doesn’t guarantee that a veteran will get a loan, rather it guarantees the loan itself). The purpose of the VA loan is to allow veterans to purchase a home with no down payment. Because Bexar and the surrounding counties have such a large military presence, it is nearly universal among home sellers to accept VA loans.

In addition to the federal VA loan, the state of Texas also has the Veterans Housing Assistance Program, a state program for veterans who reside in the state of Texas. Veterans who reside in the state of Texas may qualify for a lower interest rate. If they have up to 30% disability they can qualify for a loan as much as .5% lower than the standard home loan’s current market rate. Likewise, in the state of Texas a veteran who has 100% disability may qualify for an exemption from paying any property tax.

At Ameritex, we are committed to helping our military and veterans know their various options. Let us do the same for you.