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At Ameritex, we pride ourselves on helping people, and that is never clearer than when we handle probates. We understand that the loss of a loved one is a trying time by itself, but coupled with the process of handling real estate assets it only becomes more complicated and confusing. We aim to handle your real estate needs with the utmost professionalism and sensitivity. With probates, we take extra care to see that the probate process is handled conveniently and efficiently for the client.

Why? Because sometimes, the real property assets are the most valuable assets someone leaves behind. Likewise, liquidating these assets is often essential to satisfying liens, heirs’ distributions and the probate process. Consequently, it becomes important to have experienced real estate agents working for you.

At Ameritex, we’re experienced at handling the probate process knowledgeably and sensibly. We work with heirs, executors and attorneys to ensure that the property is sold as fast as possible at the best possible price. Multiple agents at Ameritex are certified specialists in probate real estate and have worked on prior transactions in this area.

In short, if you need someone to talk to with expertise and compassion in this area, Ameritex is here to help.