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Ameritex has extensive experience working with investors of all kinds, from institutional investors to first-time investors. We understand that investing is often a long process requiring patience, plenty of research and careful consideration. For that reason, Ameritex agents focus on providing clients with enough information about prospective properties to make informed decisions about their investment options.

Purchasing a property to rent or lease, many investors will purchase foreclosures, distressed properties and properties that will yield a good return on their investment. We supply critical information about current market value to our clients, show the properties and provide financial information. Typically, that financial information includes such things as current rental market conditions to determine if the property or properties will generate enough cash flow to show a profit, break even or a deficit (loss). We also have a list of hard money financing companies who will provide the money to purchase the property and rehabilitate/repair it. This is particularly true since investors are very often investing in properties that are sold “as-is.” With that in mind, here are the two most common avenues for residential investing:

In closing, Ameritex helps investors because we understand that investing is just that – investing. We aim to help our clients formulate the best investment strategies to reach their goals. We’ve done it multiple times and we’ll gladly do it for you.